Instructions for Degree Audit and Concise Student Schedule


These are the step by step instructions for obtaining the Degree Audit and Concise Student Schedule paperwork.  These must be completed and submitted to Doug McClain in the MVA office to receive VA payments.   

Scroll down the page to read the instructions or click to download them: Degree Audit and Concise Student Schedule Instructions.  


Step One: Go to


Step Two: Go to the portal button on the top right of the screen.



Step Three: Login into your portal account.



Step Four: Click on Academics on the left side of the screen.



Step Five: Click on Degree Works Audit & Evaluation found under “Degree Requirements.”



Step Six: Click on Save as PDF.



Step Seven: Click on the 3 dots and click save when prompted.



Step Eight: Repeat steps 1-4.


Step Nine: Click on Student Profile



Step Ten: Click on Student Schedule



Step Eleven: Right Click on the screen and select “Print.”



Step Twelve: Select Microsoft Print to PDF and select Print once selected.



Step Thirteen: Attach both files to an email sent to

Congratulations! You have now completed the process for your benefits to be verified. If you have any questions, please contact the MVA Office. The number for the MVA Office is (256)765-4746.